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SweetWater Dank Tank Pulled Porter…


…is in the shop now.  Amy and I tried it last night, very yummy.  Dark, full, smokey, hints of dark chocolate, and maybe the crispiest parts of a well cooked piece of bacon, here’s a really interesting article about the making of this beer…

This from the website:
SweetWater Brewing Co.’s Dank Tank Series is the Atlanta-based brewery’s brand of sinister laboratory experiments. It’s a series of rare release beers that showcase the diabolical creativity of SweetWater’s brewers — bold beers like the big fat black double IPA Some Strange and the racy red wheat wine ale 16 So Fine. These one hitters are only released a few times a year and are in very short supply. The newest addition to the Dank Tank Series is its boldest yet — Pulled Porter: Bacon Smoked Porter — a beer brewed with bacon-smoked malt. ”
Read the whole article here: